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Latest Maemo 5 software
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VN Call History by Le Bien CuongMiscellaneous Utilities 
Another call history manager for Maemo 5. ...
Free    User rating: 60%  (8 votes)   8 comment(s)
60%  (8 votes)
Qt Mobile Hotspot by Loic BurtinInternet / Networking 
Turn your N900 into a WiFi / USB hotspot! This application allows you to use your N900 as a WiFi / USB access point. It is based on the original MobileHotSpot, but has more configuration options and fun...
Free    User rating: 70%  (20 votes)   21 comment(s)
70%  (20 votes)
PGZ Farm Breakout by Adam PiggGames & Entertainment 
Save the chicks and other animals from the mean farmer by breaking through the farm barriers on the way to freedom. A Breakout/Arkanoid clone with farm scenery. ...
Free    User rating: 100%  (1 votes)   
100%  (1 votes)

Music Gear by Iktwo SalazarMultimedia 
Search and stream music from Goear. ...
Free    User rating: 70%  (4 votes)   4 comment(s)
70%  (4 votes)
Slingshot by Aapo RantalainenGames & Entertainment 
Simple 2D shooting strategy game set in space, with gravity. Slingshot is a two dimensional, turn based simulation-strategy game set in the gravity fields of several planets. It is a highly addictive ga...
Free    User rating: 30%  (4 votes)   2 comment(s)
30%  (4 votes)
QBC by Balazs TerenyiScience 
Calculator based on bc - frontend to bc, the GNU arbitrary precision calculator. For more details about bc, please see ...
Free    User rating: 100%  (1 votes)   
100%  (1 votes)
Rtap by Opax AmazighLocation / Navigation 
Mobile friendly routing through Metro/RER network in Paris. It's optimized for the N900 and fingers. Doubleclick to select a station. Double click on the "power button" to launch gps-localisation. Long pre...
Free    User rating: 80%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
80%  (1 votes)
qMetro by Leonid GusakLocation / Navigation 
Map of the transport system for many city subways. Vector metro (subway) map for calculating route and getting information about transport nodes. Maps have an open format and can easily be edited or cre...
Free    User rating: 70%  (3 votes)   1 comment(s)
70%  (3 votes)
QtLockscreenConfig by Paolo IommariniUI Customization 
QtLockscreenConfig is a little utility to set the QtLockscreen's active theme. You can also preview the theme (keep the theme name pressed for the context menu and select "Preview"). The utility ...
Free    User rating: 90%  (2 votes)   3 comment(s)
90%  (2 votes)
MeeCast by Vlad VasilievOther 
MeeCast - multiplatform highly customizable open source weather forecast client based on OMWeather code. MeeCast absorbed all key features that you've loved in OMWeather like extreme customizatio...
Free    User rating: 60%  (2 votes)   2 comment(s)
60%  (2 votes)
Vibration Changer by Robin LundgrenUI Customization 
Using this app, you can change the vibration to soft, hard or default. ...
Battery Patch by Karam BakiSystem 
This patch will improve the battery life of your N900 using Dbus-scripts. Notes: If you want to overclock above 750 MHz then don't forget to disable SmartReflex. Some N900s get unexpected reboots - i...
Free    User rating: 60%  (2 votes)   2 comment(s)
60%  (2 votes)

DownloadCounter by Jessica SolisMiscellaneous Utilities 
With this little app you can check how many times an application has been downloaded from Maemo repositories. ...
Ameegos by Iktwo SalazarGraphics 
MeeGo style avatar generator. Create a MeeGo avatar on your Nokia N900. ...
Mac2wepkey by Iktwo SalazarInternet / Networking 
Get the default key for Huawei HG520 & HG530. Just type the MAC adress, press 'Get' key and it shows the key and the SSID. To get the MAC of an AP, type in a terminal: iwlist wlan0 scan then search for ...
Free    User rating: 70%  (6 votes)   5 comment(s)
70%  (6 votes)
tcptraceroute by Graham InggsConsole based 
traceroute implementation using TCP packets. The more traditional traceroute(8) sends out either UDP or ICMP ECHO packets with a TTL of one, and increments the TTL until the destination has been reached...
iftop by Graham InggsConsole based 
Displays bandwidth usage information on an network interface. iftop does for network usage what top does for CPU usage. It listens to network traffic on a named interface and displays a table of current...
VN Karaoke Song List by Le Bien CuongMultimedia 
Viet Nam Karaoke Song List. ...
Free    User rating: 90%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
90%  (1 votes)
REminiscence by Ronen K.Games & Entertainment 
REminiscence is a rewrite of the engine used in the game Flashback from Delphine Software. This program is designed as a cross-platform replacement for the original executable and uses the SDL library. ...
Free    User rating: 60%  (6 votes)   5 comment(s)
60%  (6 votes)
CallerX UI by Khuong NguyenMiscellaneous Utilities 
GUI frontent for CallerX. This is a CallerX manager with user interface to make it easier to manage blocklists and settings. It shows inbound calls log with blocked call indicator, allows importing numb...
Free    User rating: 70%  (7 votes)   7 comment(s)
70%  (7 votes)
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