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How to change the battery and signal stength icons?

There are two types of battery icons: the one you can see in the status bar (next to the signal strength indicator) and a larger one, shown in the status area (a "window" that opens when you tap the status bar, where you change profiles, Internet connections, enable/disable Bluetooth, etc).

Image files of the status bar battery icon are located in /opt/usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/hildon/ folder. Names of files (representing various charge levels and states) are as follows:
  • statusarea_battery_full100.png
  • statusarea_battery_full88.png
  • statusarea_battery_full75.png
  • statusarea_battery_full63.png
  • statusarea_battery_full50.png
  • statusarea_battery_full38.png
  • statusarea_battery_full25.png
  • statusarea_battery_full13.png
  • statusarea_battery_low.png
  • statusarea_battery_verylow.png
  • statusarea_battery_insufficient_charging.png

They are 18x34 pixel 24-bit PNG files.

Image files of the status area battery icon are located in /opt/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/hildon/ folder. Names of files (representing various charge levels and states) are the same as described above. They are 48x48 pixel 24-bit PNG files.

Signal strenght (0-5), band (2G, 2.5, 3G, 3.5) and mode (phone off, offline) icons can be found in /opt/usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/hildon/ folder. Names of files are as follows:
  • statusarea_cell_level0.png
  • statusarea_cell_level1.png
  • statusarea_cell_level2.png
  • statusarea_cell_level3.png
  • statusarea_cell_level4.png
  • statusarea_cell_level5.png
  • statusarea_cell_mode_2g.png
  • statusarea_cell_mode_2_5g.png
  • statusarea_cell_mode_3g.png
  • statusarea_cell_mode_3_5g.png
  • statusarea_cell_off.png
  • statusarea_offline_mode.png

Cell level and cell off/offline icons are 18x25 pixel 24-bit PNG files and cell band (2G, 2.5, 3G, 3.5) icons are 18x11 pixel 24-bit PNG files.

Basically, all you need to do is to create (or download) image files you want to use and replace the original files with them.

We recommend using this method to access the file system of your N900 directly from your computer, which enables copying the replacement files directly to the target location. If you prefer to do it directly on the N900, send the files (e.g. via Bluetooth or USB "Mass storage" mode) to your phone and the use e.g. Midnight Commander or any other file manager to copy them to the target locations.

Note: it is recommended to backup the original battery icon files first, in case you want to go back to using them.

For your convenience, or in case you don't have graphic skills to create your own battery icons, in our Maemo Downloads you can find an archive containing nice replacement battery icons like the ones you can see on the screenshots above created by Lacedaemon and some slightly modified signal strength icons.

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