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How to check your N900's current IP address?

Sometimes you need to know your Nokia N900's current IP address, e.g. to connect to it from other device via your home WLAN network or even over the Internet. There are many ways to do it, with the following ones being probably the easiest and quickest:

1. If you need to do it only sporadically, simply open the X-Terminal and type the following command: netstat -r. Your N900's current IP will be shown as "Local address".

2. If you need to know your N900's current IP address regularly and launching the X-Terminal and typing the command is too cumbersome, install the HomeIP Desktop Widget and have it shown right on the home screen all the time.

It shows "WLAN IP" when your N900 is connected to a local network via WiFi, or "Phone IP" when you are connected directly to the Internet service via 3G or GPRS.

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