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  New Maemo Downloads
Pierogi 0kB
Black Belt Sorvi Hero 12000kB
dMotion 590kB
MusiKloud 550kB
cuteTube (QtComponents version) 750kB
Metro 0kB
PDF 3D Swipe 0kB
Waze 0kB
Ameter 0kB
CPU Power Control 30kB
Open Media Player 0kB
Murmeltier 0kB
Qt Jukebox 0kB
Recurring Calendar Events Editor 0kB
Desk Ypplet Applet 0kB
  Top Maemo Downloads
NITDroid Installer17101
WebOS Games Manager14108
Opera Mobile10810
Qt Mobile Hotspot9736
Unzip add-on for the File Manager8744
H-E-N (USB Hostmode GUI)7557
DJ Turntable7444

Maemo 5 Downloads        Total files: 1597     Total downloads: 586284



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This My-Maemo Downloads section has been created to offer quick access do all applications listed in our Maemo Software Catalog, from all possible sources: repositories, Ovi store, individual projects, as well as standalone files.

We follow the following principles:
  • in case of files from repositories, we link to the .install file. This assures that you always get the latest version. Download the .install file directly to your N900, or send it to the N900, and it will automatically launch the Application Manager and install the application just like you normally install software.
  • in case of applications in the Ovi Store, we simply link to the application page in the Ovi store itself, where you can download it from.
  • for individual projects not hosted in a repository where an .install file isn't available, we provide (or link to) the actual .deb file. Download it and it will give you an option to automatically launch the Application Manager to install the application. If you don't get such option, tap on the file in any file manager. Alternatively, you can also install such file from the X-Terminal by typing dpkg -i [file_name] (after becoming root).

Important notice: Except for packages from the (Extras) repository and the Ovi store, majority of packages (especially those from Extras-Testing or Devel, as well as standalone projects) are still in a development stage, which means that they are not guaranteed to offer 'production quality' stability and may cause problems. You are downloading them at your own responsibility. An additional warning will soon be added to indicate such packages.

Disclaimer: Our Downloads should be treated the same way as Maemo's Extras-Devel repository. Use it at your own risk and only if you know what you are doing! While we always test each application before making it available for download from here and only do so if we don't experience any problems, it wasn't us who wrote the applications so we cannot guarantee that they will ALWAYS behave correctly. Please keep that in mind!

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